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Tell Me More Worksheet

Name: ________________________________________________________     Date: ________________

1. Below are some things found in natural gas. Cross out the things that are removed by the gas company before the gas is delivered to your home.

Butane Ethane Methane Pentane Propane

2. Natural gas is a cleaner-burning fuel than coal or oil. (True or False) ___________________

3. Write the name of your state here __________________. According to the map in the Natural Gas FAQs section of this website, how much natural gas is extracted from your state? (check one)

___ large amounts ___ moderate amounts
___ small amounts ___ none

4. What percentage of the energy used in the United States is supplied by natural gas?

a) 4% b) 10% c) 25% d) 32%

5. Make a timeline giving the dates and descriptions of five events in the history of developing and using natural gas. Add at least three events from the history of your own family and/or general American history.

  1. __________________________________________________________________________________
  2. __________________________________________________________________________________
  3. __________________________________________________________________________________
  4. __________________________________________________________________________________
  5. __________________________________________________________________________________

6. On the back of this sheet, create a job description for one career in the natural gas industry. Write the description in the form of a help wanted advertisement. Include a description of the skills needed to do the job as well as the duties involved.

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