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Natural Gas Distribution System Activity

Can you name all the parts of the natural gas distribution system? Print this page and write the name of each part next to the number it matches in the illustration. (The words below are not in order.)

Natural Gas Distribution System



1. _________________

6. _________________

Distribution Mains

Processing Plant

2. _________________

7. _________________

Transmission Pipes


3. _________________

8. _________________

Compressor Station

Storage Tanks

4. _________________

9. _________________

Service Lines

Service Lines

5. _________________

10. _________________

Answer Key: 1-Well; 2-Processing Plant; 3-Transmission Pipes; 4-Compressor Station; 5-Storage Tanks; 6-Utility; 7-Distribution Mains; 8-Service Lines; 9-Gas Meter; 10-Appliance.

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