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Supports Illinois State StandardsAmeren knows that teachers possess the power to enlighten students. We also know that any worthwhile effort requires commitment and resources. That’s why we’re glad to offer you FREE educational booklets and downloadable teacher's guides and pre/post tests.

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Electric and Natural Gas Safety and You


Grades K-2

Sniff and Zap cartoon characters make it fun and easy for young children to learn about indoor and outdoor electrical and natural gas safety. Simple page layouts focus on one key safety issue at a time. Puzzles and activities keep kids engaged.

Stay Safe Around Electricity and Natural Gas


Grades 3-6

Challenging word games and math puzzles explain important energy science concepts and hazard recognition and response. Covers substations, transformers, fallen power lines, tree/power line safety, kite and balloon safety, digging projects, natural gas appliance safety, and what to do in case of a gas leak.


Electrical & Natural Gas Safety World


Grades 4-6

This engaging activity book helps teach mandated science concepts while reinforcing electrical and gas safety messages. Covers circuits, conductors and insulators, states of matter, energy resources, indoor and outdoor safety, and electric and gas emergency response procedures.

Mundo de seguridad de la electricidad y el gas natural


Grades 4-6

Electrical & Natural Gas Safety World in Spanish


Don't Get Zapped! Electricity & Natural Gas


Grades 6-8

This engaging magazine-style book cleverly combines important science concepts with intriguing stories like "Electrical Fish Tales" and "Lighting Undersea Treasure Hunts." Includes experiments with conductors and insulators, and indoor/outdoor electrical and gas safety basics.


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